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16 x 28 cabin

Main cabin is 16x28 with a 10' overhang. Inside we have 8x10 bedroom and an 8x10 bathroom/utility room. Loft area is 16x16 with an extra 6 rows to accommodate more space.

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16x33 main cabin that also has about 300 sq ft of loft space. 12' Covered overhang in the front and a 4' side deck not covered. Main cabin has 2 bedrooms and a bathroom as well as a separate kitchen space

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10x10 custom, with a loft. We build this on a camp ground that has building restrictions in width, depth and height. Customer wanted large windows to enjoy the water view. Big window in the front is 8' x 8'.



Interiors from different cabins

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In a backyard. Left side is storage and right side is children's play structure with a small loft. 16' x 8'



16 x 16 Erie style cabin with 6' overhang. This cabin is sitting on an island.


12' x 14' Erie Cabin

This a 12'x14' Erie cabin. Extra option is the extra single window in the back.


14' X 16' Erie Cabin

This a a 14'x16' Erie style cabin. Extra options are 2 double windows on each side as well as a 6' overhang in the front. Cabin was build in November 2009.

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16' X 16' Ontario Cabin with 6' Porch

This is a 16'x16' Ontario model with double french doors and side lights on both side of the french doors to enjoy the stunning view of the lake. Extra options are the 6' overhang and extra double window on the right side. The fency f

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14'x14' Cabin with Loft and 6' Porch

This is a 14'W x 14'D cabin with a 6' overhang and a 14'W x 6'D loft. It has a 6' deck on the front and a 6' deck on the side.

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16'x16' Cabin with Loft and 5' Porch

This is a 16'x16' cabin with a 8'x16' loft and a 5' overhang. Extra windows in the gable ends. The darker colouur on the logs is the stain that was applied during the building process. The building process you see in

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16'x16' Cabin with Loft and 6' Porch

This is a 16'x16' cabin. Extra options are an 16'x8' loft, oversized windows with extra windows in the walls as well as extra windows in both gable ends and a 6' overhang/covered porch. The building process in the pict

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14'x14' Cabin with Loft and 6' overhang

This is a 14'x14' with a 6'x14' loft. A 6' overhang. Exta windows in the walls and loft. The building process on the job site in the pictures was done in one day.

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Our standard 5'x5' outhouse This outhouse is in the Gilmour area. It is our standard version with a little screen window on one side.

This outhouse sits in the Merrickville area. It has 2 little screen windows on each side. A Dutch door to enjoy the view.

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